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It's Not Always Terrible!

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I have to park with two wheels on the kerb at my flat, as the road is narrow (therefore, considerate to road users), and there is nowhere to leave the car.. I am none of the mentioned (ie sheep, lazy etc), i drive a mini cooper (small car) and fortunately for me, the pavement is not a busy one (there, i am bloody well considering pedestrians!!!), and the police have a hell of a lot more important things to do that bother me and request that i move it! It is not that i am being selfish or whatever, it is the only way i can leave the car safely overnight without causing other road users to drive around an estate to get to the other side of my car!!

It's Not Always Terrible!

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Have you considered finding a wider road to park in?

It's Not Always Terrible!

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Well that would be a brilliant idea if only I could have super vision so as to keep an eye on the car while i'm home!! I don't know about you, but where I am from we have little "rascals", "scallies", or just plain old chavs who enjoy to take things from others people's vehicles, such as hub caps, aerals, and even stereos, etc. And before you say it, I will not be removing things like hub caps and aerals from my car before I go inside!!!! Which, unfortunately results in my having to park with half of the car over the pavement (also in my defence, I don't have a massive car, it's just a mini!). Humble apologies to those whom this may piss off!! smiley - winkeye

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