A Conversation for Hackers and Crackers

get over it.

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Researcher 183739

For tose of you that have been stuck behind a computer so long that you dont know what a "cracker" means, it is a derrogatory term for white people. It has too many connotations in society.
How about you quit trying to hold on to the term "hacker" and get over it. There are plenty of good things that one can call true hackers.. security profesional or engineer is the common. there are also plenty of good things that people stuck in the past trying to change the whole world over something stupid like a term "cracker," but I cant say them inhere.

get over it.

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Chris Tonks

Wonders why, when reading this, the terms 'Internet Security Specialist' and 'Data Procurement Specialist' spring to mind, with reference to an e-mail.

get over it.

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Researcher 183739


get over it.

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Researcher 183739

BTW I am offended by the Terming of Oaks as "trees." Hell a birch is a tree. It is nothing like an Oak. Lets redefine Oak as its own thing.

get over it.

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Dancer (put your advert here)

I know this is not the place to do this, but I have no option:

Researcher 183739, Can you please write something in your personal space? People can't contact you there until you do.

smiley - hsif

old hacker jibe

Post 6


Hacker? couldn't hack his way through a field corn!

(this is a really old insult, but not a very good one)

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