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You need to cite the Hacker Jargon file

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Dr Hell

Available from project gutenberg. Hacker Jargon File. It explains ALL.


The most official definition

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Researcher 231637

Check out RFC 1392 ("Internet Glossary", Jan 1993), page 21, about half-way down.
to find a copy of RFC 1392, search for "RFC 1392" on http://www.google.com/

You need to cite the Hacker Jargon file

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Actually, the "Jargon File" is an ongoing text, not just something stored in a third party's large archive. Even more, it's gone through a full update recently.

Eric S. Raymond is one of its primary admins. To see a copy of the current Jargon File (otherwise known as "The Hackers Dictionary" whenever they put out a print copy), visit http://catb.org/jargon/

Current version is 4.4.2.

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You need to cite the Hacker Jargon file

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