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Athena, Muse of Philosophy -1+7+9*(3+0!)+0=42

No way, weather predictions in the toast!?!?! Where did you hear about that? I liked your article, it was very spiffy. A good history of toast. smiley - smiley


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This is a true story. It marks a high-point in man's evolution. Toast and the weather. All we need now is the cricket scores displayed on pints of beer and we really will have become a super-race.

Below is a BBC link so it shouldn't be removed by robo-moderator, but if it is then just look for "toaster which shows the weather" on a search engine.



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Athena, Muse of Philosophy -1+7+9*(3+0!)+0=42

Thanks for the link, I am checking it out now. Yes, the human race does have some strange ideas, doesn't it? It's funny how we try to make things so convenient they become inconvenient. Not that weather toast will be that, but some things are. Cheers!


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Uncle Ghengis

I'd just like to add that the gratitude of all mankind is due to those great pioneers of toast research:

Dr Millard - discoverer of the browning effect known as the Millard Reaction wherein the complex sugars and carbohydrates in cereals is caramelized.

George Schneider, Frank Shailor and Charles Stinte - who were chief among the developers of the modern toaster. (Or "Millard Reactor" as I feel it should be known)


Uncle Ghengis

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