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Re sampling as an artform

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any further proof needed of radioheads musicianship could be obtained by gettign hold of a copy of radioheads performance on later with jools.
They played a large quantity of stuff from their most recent albums all live and they kicked ass.

Re sampling as an artform

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Fat Freddie


I like yer style.

smiley - winkeye

Re sampling as an artform

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Fat Freddie

To Jed, that is.

Interested to note that they're into warp. At least they listen to good music. hehe. If I can find a copy of KidA, I'll give it a go...should be on the net somewhere....

Re: sampling - your better off starting with just your PC, and getting some music programs, such as Cubase, Rebirth, Cakewalk etc.
If you have these set up properly, you can get the output of one into the output of another, thus mimicing expensive hardware on your PC. Rebirth is effectively 3 * 303's, which you can then plug into each other, the to either cubase or cakewalk to muck around with. I would strongly advise playing with these before outlaying money on the kit themselves. Ok, so the quality of the software does not reach what can be achieved with the real thing, but at least you will work out WHAT you want to buy before you go making expensive errors.

I've got some friends who have just bought a *very* nice piece of kit - is a sequencer - but a posh one: Novastation 2. cost em about 2 grand, but after 2 years of just having a PC, a 303 and a pair of decks, they know a sufficient amount to justify spending that kind of moolah.

To summarise: You can spend as much as you want on sound making equipment. If you're made of money, and don't care, you can get studio quality sound very easily. Otherwise, tread carefully!

All rather obvious really

smiley - smiley

Re sampling as an artform

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Jed the Humanoid -Keeper of things lost down the back of the sofa-also the Chief Mad Drunken Warrior of the Anti Squirrel League

thanks for all of that...I was planning on staying software for now anyway...just cause it seems to be the best value for money until i've got loads of money. I've got a friend who's giving me a full version of Cubase, and I'm thinking of getting the new Halion soft sampler from Steinberg (an immensely powerful Plug in for VST..obviously built for cubase)..I'm favouring Cubase over other things because I know my way around cubase as i used it for my GCSE coursework compositions in Music. Once I've got my computer in the nick to run all of that I'm gonna start shelling out for hardware stuff...synths, a proper sampler if I find that halion is limiting (judging from what I've seen of it that is unlikely) but for now I'll stick with software. Cashflow is a major problem...I've got one hundred pounds a month to spend on all of this and that is all...and considering my first calculation of what i need to have enough to do everything i want to is about a grand..which is a lot of money to a poor seventeen year old like myself.

Re sampling as an artform

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I'm just back from a week away, a bit late to reply, but the word mainstream in my previous post should have read "mainstream". With quotation marks.

For me, though, a mainstream act is any that has even a modicum of chart success.

That's all...

Response to Response to fat freddie's post about Radiohead..

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Researcher 187225

I did think there was some pretty snappy thinking going on here until I read this post. What utter, utter drivel Spod!. You clearly dislike Radiohead and therefore your mind is conditioned to interpret anything relating to them in a negative way, hence your belief that they steal things from bands you presumably like. You are merely hearing what you want to hear to confirm your initial evaluation of the group. I've heard people say similar things about the Beatles, who by there own admission were shameless copiests, the same goes for the Beach Boys. I think both the aforemetioned bands are absolutely fantastic by the way, along with Radiohead. I'm not really having a go Spod, your head is just following what it has been programmed to do by you previous experience, the same with everyone else on the planet.

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