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"It gets good in a minute..."

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Nice article, been missing from the guide for too long smiley - biggrin

I didn't write it because I personally think they're a load of old pap, with 'innovative' ='ing 'unlistenable' in several instances.

I do like Creep - the quote in the subject of this message is from Beavis & Butthead; the start of Creep is playing and Butthead turns over, Beavis flicks back and insists;

"wait, WAIT! It gets good in a minute... here - DAG.. DAGGA... DAGGADAGGA..."

Classic smiley - winkeye

"It gets good in a minute..."

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This is possibly how entries about bands should be written.

Did you mention they were originally called "On A Friday"? I know someone who saw them when they were still called that.

"It gets good in a minute..."

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Jon Fisher

Maybe an update should be written if the writer is still within the pages of h2g2? I for one would like to see the inclusion of 'I might be wrong' and 'HTTT'.

Oh and by the way...i purchased my tickets to see them on their next tour last night!!!!! go me...

"It gets good in a minute..."

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Swiv (decrepit postgrad)

smiley - smiley

I'm going to see them in Glasgow next month

"It gets good in a minute..."

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As am I. Should be fecking excellent. Can't help thining it will be one of those "we'd prefer not, thankyou" gigs for the band. You know how stroppy Thom can get.But anyway ...

"It gets good in a minute..."

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I happened to pass Thom Yorke in Oxford last Thursday. not much else to say really.

They were certainly worth seeing when they played South Park in Oxford a few years go after Amnesiac came out.



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