A Conversation for American Crows


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Athena, Muse of Philosophy -1+7+9*(3+0!)+0=42

I really enjoyed reading your article! Now I can tell the difference between Ravens and Crows! I love Crows, and Ravens, but they never get the respect they deserve. It was nice to hear someone talking about their good qualitys for a change! One of my favorite things about Crows is that they are SO black that they look like bird shaped black holes. I think your article could diffinatly go in the edited guide, if it's not there already.


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paulh. Antisocial distancing works a well as the Social kind

The nice thing about scavengers is that they help
keep the world clean. I personally think crows are
beautiful. Their flying ability is not universally
admired, however. I guess what it boils down to is
this: I'd rather see a crow than hear one.


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Britwannabe {......... }

Did you know that crows can be taught to talk like parrots? When I was in grade school, a set of twins in my class had a pet crow and it could talk up a storm.


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Athena, Muse of Philosophy -1+7+9*(3+0!)+0=42

Nice! I have always wanted to hear a crow talk. I love crows. I like the majestik waltz they use as a walk. I wrote about crows in the last edition of my miny newspaper. (Hey, it gives me something to do over summer!) Talk to you all later!


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I knew that ravens can talk, but this is the first I've heard about crows. I wonder if you can get a magpie to talk?

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