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Your article reminds me of my first time in the US, and hearing a crow there for the very first time. It's call was totally different to the crows we know and love in Europe, and I don't believe that the American crow exists on this side of the pond in any great numbers.

In Europe, when we think of crows, we usually think of Rooks. These are shockingly ugly birds with long dirty grey beaks and a raucous cawing sound. They are extremely common as a result of intensive agriculture and the relative lack of forests in many places. Another common close relative is the Hooded Crow, which has a grey striped wing. Ravens are confined mainly to mountains, and then there are Choughs - crows with red beaks and feet, normally seen around sea-sides: lovely things. Jays are also present, but they are different to their American cousins.

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European Crows

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