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Attacked by a crow

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blaue Augen

I live in Colorado, US and a few years ago I was attacked by a crow while out for a walk with my dog. It swooped down at me from behind as I walked and turned away as I turned around. I happened about 7 times before I picked up a stone to use as protection (as if I'd have been able to hit the crow!) It happened a few more times on subsequent days. I got a little paranoid when my husband told be that crows supposedly bring bad news. I never figured out what it wanted .though I suspect it was after my hair for a nest????

I liked the article. I wish we could hear samples of the crow's call to compare to the raven's. Also, I really like blue jays. I know they can be mean and don't sound pretty, but they are so beautiful. How cool to be blue like that!

smiley - chick

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Attacked by a crow

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