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April Fools

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I would like to contribute to this conversation and I feel that I should as I am one of those unfortunate people who was born on April 1st.

I wish I could say my birthdate had a profound affect on my subsequent life but I cannot. Okay I did get the usual taunts at school about being an April Fool but basically I ignored them.

From the age of about 7 I have never heard an original comment on my birthday which either means my friends and family are a pretty unoriginal bunch or that there are only a few different taunts that could be made and they were all used up in the first seven years.

I am 41 now so I have been waiting for the past 41 years to hear a taunt I haven't heard before so I throw down a challenge to all and sundry. Taunt me, insult me, call me names I don't care but please could anyone break a 34 year roll and make me laugh with a taunt about being born on April 1st.

April Fools

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TRiG (Ireland) A dog, so bade in office


But were you born in the morning or the afternoon? Read my username and read the article, and you'll see that it matters.

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April Fools

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TRiG (Ireland) A dog, so bade in office

I wonder what my username was back then?

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