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In 2008 India

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On 1st April 2008, Aaj Tak, one of the leading News Channel in India ran a story of Teletransportation. Teletransportation is all about becoming invisible at one place and appearing at different place in no time. That is, no one can see you moving from one place to the other but you travel invisible. There are many characters in Hindu Mythology, say for instance Narad(नार&#2342smiley - winkeye, who traveled in all the three Loks (Above the Earth (Heaven), Earth and Below the Earth (Patal)). The special report on Aaj Tak called upon two discussants who explained how could it be possible to travel invisibly. One claimed that this art was known to the Hindus in the time of Ramayana and Mahabharata but later on with the art was forgotten because no Guru taught it to his disciple. The story claimed that the Science has rediscovered the art and very soon it will be possible for man to travel from India to USA invisibly and it will take only a couple of minutes to reach there.

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In 2008 India

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