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Is not having a TV really pretentious? I tried it for a month once to see if I could live without it (OK, so I taped a couple of shows to watch later.) What I found was I was forced to fill in my time by pursuing activities that required more effort on my part, but had a greater chance of yielding some sense of achievement. (one of which was submitting and article to H2G2). Also, I rediscovered the joys of the radio, which can be listened to while doing other things. However, it was mostly Radio 4, so I've probably strayed into another pretentious area by mistake!

I also have a couple of friends who have never had a TV purely due to the fact that they don't need one - their lives are full enough without the distraction and I don't consider them pretentious in any way.

I must admit that saying you don't watch TV and secretly snuggling down to watch the soaps may be pushing it a bit.

As to CAMRA membership, I was a member for over 10 years and found it consisted of a fair cross section of society. Sure, there were a couple of pretentious people in there, but you get that in any group due to the average distribution. A more down to earth group of individuals you couldn't wish to meet. Now Wine Tasting - there's pretentiousness for you.

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