A Conversation for Being Pretentious

I know it's supposed to be funny, however...

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(I feel I should put this out theresmiley - smiley

Doesn't this 'guide' simply further enforce the stereotype that artistic people are that way purely because they want to show off?
For example, some people just happen to have a wide vocabulary, read widely, go to the theatre, and do it without any ulterior motive.
Is it really fair to lump all these cultural activities together and reduce them down to some ironic 'how to' guide on pretentiousness?

(I'm curious if this thought has crossed other readers' minds...)
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I know it's supposed to be funny, however...

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The way I read it, it's the act of *pretending* to be all these things that makes you pretentious. smiley - smiley Holding false pretenses, if you like.

I can see what you mean though. Perhaps it's missing the odd few smiley - tongueincheek smilies!

Welcome to h2g2, by the way, it's lovely to see new people on here.

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I know it's supposed to be funny, however...

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I think that it is trying to pretend to be what you are not and which you see as being better than other people, which makes someone pretentious.

It sometimes happens when someone is the first to go to university in their family (like me) and they come across all of these new things which were not part of their life previously. I won't use "one's life" as I think it sounds pretentious.

So you go to parties and don't admit your roots and laugh at what you used to think (that food should be edible or drinks pleasant) while forcing down a Campari and soda when you are craving a lager top.

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I know it's supposed to be funny, however...

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