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The Properly Pretentious Vehicle

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I'm soliciting some input concerning the proper vehicle to drive in the pursuit of becoming pretentious. The only reference I've found in the conversation so far makes mention of an SUV. I guess I'm wondering if, 'taking the Rover to the country home for a weekend of shooting pheasant' is pretentious or merely bourgois?

The Properly Pretentious Vehicle

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Merely bourgeois, I'm afraid.

The truly pretentious shun SUVs as the vehicle of choice for the irretrievably trendy.

Classic cars are good - especially those with a classic British marque. Otherwise you rely on public transport and other people's generosity with lifts (otherwise, how can you drink vast quantities of their flashy wine?)

The Properly Pretentious Vehicle

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Felonious Monk - h2g2s very own Bogeyman

Surely the ultimate pretentious vehicle should be something French and postmodern. A Citroen DS, for example? Or one of those crappy 2CVs?

The Properly Pretentious Vehicle

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Gag Halfrunt

Mais, Surely it is the humble bicycle, coupled with the steadfastly reliable traction engine (train).

The Properly Pretentious Vehicle

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A Bristol would be good.
(Or an Austin Tacious)

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