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Fat Freddie

Was introduced to this by me dad........its is very, very silly. and very, very good. Nice entry. I sem to remember it taking me about 2-4 years to fully understand the concept behind monrnigton crescent......


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..I reckon this could be the answer to my current state of mind..

Way too much "Sorry, I haven't got a ..., Q9, Derek and Clive, TISWAS, & Comic strips presents.." Drives a man crackers, dont you know?!

Madam! Unhand my leprechaun!


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Just zis Guy, you know? † Cyclist [A690572] :: At the 51st centile of ursine intelligence

You may need to study "the little book of Mornington Crescent" (available fomr all good booksellers).


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Mornington Crescent is one of those "If you aren't English you'll never get the point of it, old boy" things, isn't it?

Ah well, that's me ruled out then.

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