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Humph RIP

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So sad to hear of the passing of Humphrey Lyttleton on 25 April 2008. His delivery in ISIHAC was legendary, and as one whohas been fortunate enough to attend a couple of the live recordings of the programme, he was even funnier.

Also we have lost a great jazz musician. I just hope that Heaven's big band realise how fortunate they are to have recruited him now.

He will be so sadly missed, and I honestly can't see how ISIHAC can continue with anyone else in the chair. He will be such a hard act to follow.

Humph RIP

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Now after the sad death of Humphrey Lyttelton this weekend I think Stephen Fry is the only one that could take over and keep it up to the standerd that Chairman Humph has set. I can't think of a better tribute to the show and the man than that.

Humph RIP

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I'm not so sure that even the great Mr Fry could do the programme justice after Humph's tragic loss.. Mind you, I felt the same when Willie Rushton died, and the show moved on from strength to strength.

I know that Rob Bryden was drafted in to cover for Humph for the last tour date, so maybe the team could try the same tactics as "Have I Got News For You" and use a number of guest chair people (eg Rob Bryden, Stephen Fry, Graham Garden or Barry Cryer) and see who would be the best person to take on the mantle - or maybe the show should be retired in tribute...

Humph RIP

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Sunday lunchtimes and Monday evenings will never seem the same again... I`m not sure, much as i love I`m sorry i haven`t a clue, that Humphrey Lyttelton can possibly be succeeded in this role. It`s like someone other than Harrison Ford playing Indiana Jones.

Humph RIP

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As it is Humph Sunday on Radio 4 today(15th June 2008) and I have been discussing possible new chairs for the show I thought I would resurrect the thread.

Two names spring to mind: Stephen Fry, obviously and Jack Dee. Jack has that natural weariness that Humph portrayed on the show and therefore the dynamics of the show would be similar but not forced.

Also, Jack has been on Just A Minute recently and was excellent.

He also hasn't been a panel member which would set him apart from the rest and some hilarity could ensue with the panel trying to fox him over the rules of the games.

The News Quiz has had a number of different presenters and at the moment Sandy Toksvig has been absolutely brilliant in the job.

Rob Brydon is too good a panel member to lose.

It would be a shame to lose such a national institution as the programme.

Humph RIP

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Correction: Jack Dee has been on the panel.

Humph RIP

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Obviously it was (and still is) very sad that Humph was 'promoted to Glory', and his talent, sparkle and delivery is greatly missed.

Having listened avidly to ISIHAC for a couple of years, I was happy that it was 'kept on', and have to say that Fry, Bryden and Dee have been excellent choices: not trying to 'be' Sir Humphrey, yet remaining true to the 'role's' premise, and being allowed to be 'themselves'.


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