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mikeyc0312 - Humans are mad. How else can you describe a creature that spends large amounts of time arguing with itself?

Firstly, you missed out the Uxbridge English Dictionary Round where players come up with new meanings for words. Secondly, in the Sound Charades round, you missed out the word sound in the title and neglected to mention that Barry and Graeme's Scottish accents, unconvincing as they are, got them their own series. Next, you missed out the most common name used on the late arrivals round, Gordon Bennett. Almost every time late arrivals is played Graeme introduces "Mr. and Mrs. Bennett" followed by something related to the topic then goes on and says "and their son Gordon Bennett" and repeats what he said after "Mr. and Mrs. Bennett". An example of this, from the Builder's ball, is "Would you please welcome Mr. and Mrs Bennett that's twice the estimate and their son Gordon Bennett that's twice the estimate."

Also, off the topic of things left out of this article, I would like to say that, in my oppinion, the best One Song to the Tune of Another was "Blame it on the Boogie" by the Jackson 5 performed to the tune of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic". Also in Pick Up Song there is only ever one time, to date, when a player has been exactly synchronized to the tune when it came back up, but when it was and who did it escapes me. Furthermore, still on the topic of Pick Up Song, there was once a time when the disk was played on mute at the start. This was followed by about a minute and a half of silence, punctuated only by the laughs of some of the audience who had worked out what happened.

major omissions

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Pick Up Song perfect pick up - Ain't no sunshine when she's gone, singer, if memory serves, Tony Hawkes.

major omissions

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No-one's mentioned my mum.
Trellis. North Wales

major omissions

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You can call me TC

This has been recently updated so had a mention on the front page this week.

I think I may have read it before. But I never noticed that one very important fact is missing. There is no connection made between the programme name "I'm Sorry I haven't a Clue" and "I'm Sorry I'll Read that Again". Graeme Garden, John Cleese and Tim Brooke-Taylor were all members of the cast of ISIRTA and "Clue" was surely originally (just) a spin-off of that unforgettable radio experience.

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