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What's it take to be underappreciated?

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I'm not sure David Gray counts as "underappreciated" any more. He's getting regular air play on radio stations in the United States now. I like his music a lot more than the usual fare of Beastie Boys and Eminem that these stations play nowadays... but still, there's any number of folk musicians that sound like that to me.

I was thinking, Harry Chapin should have made the list. Yes, he was a Top 40 artist in his day. But his non-Top 40 stuff, such as "Sniper" or "The Mayor of Candor Lied", kicked much more ass than is commonly supposed.

What's it take to be underappreciated?

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True enough re: David Gray, but this was written some months ago. I did write this thing hoping others would add to it (re:Harry Chapin) but only one did, and now it seems too late for further additions. Have to start a volume 2!

What's it take to be underappreciated?

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Some suggestions for Volume 2!
Richard Thompson
Randy Newman
Martin Stephenson
Phil Ochs
Graham Parker
Steve Gibbons
The Fabulous Thunderbirds
Joe Ely
John Otway & Wild Willy Barrett (no, seriously!)
Tom Lehrer
Taj Mahal
That's plenty to be going on with...!

What's it take to be underappreciated?

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There's some good ones there, H. Why don't you have a go at doing an entry?

Randy Newman, Richard Thompson, Graham Parker and Taj Mahal may be appreciated enough, at least by me. John Otway I seem to remember was seriously strange!! Tom Lehrer, of course. Steve Gibbons, there was that single...can't remember! The rest, I need enlightenment.

What's it take to be underappreciated?

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Neil Finn. Creative force behind Crowded House....also wrote most of the "hits" that Split Enz had. Now has his second solo album out, "One Nil". You'll only like him if you like wonderfully spare arrangements, harmony, lyrics with humour, style, and social commentary.
Lately, he's been touring and having different musicians sit in as the band at each gig. He's also gotten the likes of Eddie Vedder, Sheryl Crow and Shaun Colvin to collaborate with him. STILL overlooked.

I vote Neil Finn....for SOMETHING, DANG IT!!! (pant, pant)

His website, [URL removed by moderator]is interactive and lots of fun. Errr is it ok to post links here? Guess I'll find out!


What's it take to be underappreciated?

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I'm seeing some wonderful artists, some not so wonderful artists, some...errm, who r these people? artists, but nowhere am i seeing Beth Orton! Now, maybe she's not so underappreciated, but i think she deserves more success - the album 'central reservation' is tops, and 'alive/alone' from the Chemical Brothers album 'Exit Planet Dust' is one of the most beautiful songs i've ever heard...and another thing: Tracey Chapman, anyone?

What's it take to be underappreciated?

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paulh. Trump's behavior is unpresidented

I could do something on Tom Lehrer, though
a separate article would not be forthcoming
any time soon. I could mention him in passing,
though, when I do the last part of my article
on Musical Plays. I own a copy of Lehrer's
very first record, which he put out at his
own expense, in limited quantity. I also have a
sheet music collection called
"Too many songs by Tom Lehrer."

What's it take to be underappreciated?

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and someone outside of the US apart from me must have heard the very wonderful Liz Phair? Her first album 'Exile in guysville' is one of my most played CDs, its just classic! Alanis Morissette and the like must have been listening to her, she's the original 'Angst girl'! (IMHO)

What's it take to be underappreciated?

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Pan, the piper at the gates of dawn

Liz Phair's third disc "whitechocolatespaceegg" is an example of near-perfect songcraft. She is well appreciated in the US. Other suggestions, beside those already listed, include Roy Harper, Peter Hammill, Ani DiFranco (who predates Alanis and Liz by a few years), and Happy Rhodes.

What's it take to be underappreciated?

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The Butcher

John Hartford.

Check him out...had he not been associated w/ "bluegrass" per se, he would have had a much bigger following in the folk music world. Great songwriter, truly great.

What's it take to be underappreciated?

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Big Red

I nominate the marvelous American singer-songwriter Marshall Crenshaw. Beautifully crafted, hook-laden songs with Crenshaw's pleasant tenor voice to boot. I've never understood why radio doesn't eat him up, but these days he doesn't even have a record label.

What's it take to be underappreciated?

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Another little known genius singer/songwriter is Francis Dunnery - Originally from Cumbria and once the lead singer in 80's band "It Bites".

Well worth seeing him live!

What's it take to be underappreciated?

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I may be preaching to the converted, but I can't resist plugging my maiden article in the guide....


Also, talking of Mary Chapin-Carpenter, which you did briefly in a footnote, she has a new album out, which I bought this evening and am just about to listen to (wife, daughter and in-laws permitting!).

smiley - run

What's it take to be underappreciated?

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Sorry, try this link, which is the final edited entry....


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