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While the Germans may be proud of their Sauerteig bread, there are more advantages to the sliced white bread preferred by the British than meet the eye. Firstly, German bread does not fold well, making it virtually impossible to make a chip butty without the chips falling out. Secondly, the consistency of German bread does not lend itself to being used for filling those annoying gaps around windows and doors which let in uncomfortable drafts. What is amusing is that the German word "Knete", meaning dough, is a slang term for money, as of course is "dough." Perhaps this is proof of Germanic influences in our language. Another example of this is the word "Neigung", meaning inclination or incline. My house is built on a Neigung (incline). Similarly Ich neige dazu, means I am inclined to ... The same word in German has the same two totally different meanings as the English word. What on earth does this have to do with German baked goods? I hear you ask. Well, a little digressing does no harm, and after all, man does not live from bread alone.

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German Bread

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