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Many years ago I was going out with a German girl (in fact, my current partner is also German, but a different person). In conversation, we were discussing differences between Germany and the UK. I rather stupidly, and completely erroneously, stated that I thought English bread was superior to anything the Germans might have to offer. Not only was this not based on any evidence or experience at all, but was quite ridiculous and wrong!! So I'd just like to apologise to her and other Germans for my arrogance - not that she'll probably ever read this, but hey, it makes me feel better to get it off my chest after carrying around this embarrassment all these years! smiley - winkeye

One of my faviourite German breads is something called "Kraftprotzbrot" - whenever I mention it my current girlfriens always laughs at my pronunciation. Anyway it may just have been something that a particular Berlin backerei labelled one of its products, but it made a great impression. A small loaf, which nevertheless weighed a very substantial amount - at least a kilo - one large slice would keep you going half a day. It was stuffed full of grains and seeds, and was quite simply delicious - and incidentally far better than any bread I've ever had in the UK (or anywhere).

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An Apology...

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