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Dancing Ermine

In the 2001 Inter-varsity University competition the researcher that wrote this piece (ie me) actually managed to reach Semi-finals at Novice Ballroom and A-team Cha as well as achieving 3rd Place in Novice Latin.

Pretty good considering I'd only had two days of practice with that partner....


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Kiki the ferret

Well done on those results! It would be nice to have a little bit about medals and open circuit comps in the article though. Quite agree about the costumes; when I was president of Warwick I took several of the pink rah rah flamenco outfits (last seen on the floor in 1996) to Oxfam under the 'there is no way I'd wear that, so no-one else has to either' ruling. smiley - smiley

Why not put in a link to the IVDA homepage?

Kiki smiley - angel


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Dancing Ermine

Medals probably don't come under the "competitive" part...

I would write more on the open circuit comps if I knew anyhing but my experience is somewhat lacking in that department. smiley - sadface

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