A Conversation for Competitive Ballroom Dancing

Good article plus odd situation.

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Researcher 33337

Just to say good article, well written and all. Does bring me back to a time when I was near to a ballroom dancing competition. And teh outfits are quite something. The situation was odd though, because teh same hotel was being used by a wedding party, teh ballroom dancers and a Star Trek convention (Which I was attending) The ultimate combination of costumes was really quite funny. Seriously though, why the fake tan?

Good article plus odd situation.

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Researcher 206982

Re: the fake tan - it's because the halls tend to have very bright lights. If you don't wear fake tan, then you look extremely pale and frightened. If you do wear fake tan, then you just look normal. Or, even better, look Medeteranean...

The make-up etc is really garish because it's designed to be viewed from a distance, not close-up. Think of it as stage make-up.

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