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H2G2 Embassy to Earth Emblem; design: President Peregrin


How can we help you?

We are currently under construction. Please feel free to browse independently - but don't be afraid to ask for assistance.

No question is too silly!
Just ask!

Perhaps one of these people can answer your questions!

Or if nobody online can be of help to you, just leave a message with one of these lovely folks, and your needs should be addressed right away!


The H2G2 Guardian Angels are here to help guide lost souls in their journey. Just post a message to one or all of them, and they'll be sure to ease your angst.

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The h2g2 Gurus are can help you with all of your h2g2 questions. Again, post a message, and they will answer.

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Are you interested in politics?

Or maybe you're looking for a cushy government job?

Perhaps you feel the irresistable urge to say "take me to your leader"?

Maybe you just wanna find out who to point the finger at???

The Alabaster House - the seat of the h2g2 virtual government.

The H2G2 Team - home of the real live H2G2 staff of the Guide.

Editor: Mark
Deputy Editor: Anna
Assistant Editor: Sam
Assistant Editor: Ashley
Community Editor: Peta
Deputy Community Editor: Abi
Or skip the 'middle-man' and go straight to the top:

Hear from The Man Himself, Douglas Adams.

The Editors of the Guide welcome your questions and comments, and are
always there to help. (Don't be discouraged if they don't get back to
you for a few days - they are a very busy bunch!)

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Interplanetary Society ([email protected] Project)
H2G2 Mobile Service (Guide on the Move)
Altavista Search Engine and site
Douglas Adams' Official Site
Altavista Online Translator (aka The Babelfish)


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Don't Panic Tour
Quick Reference Guide
The Overwhelmingly Huge Guide to H2G2 Clubs

Alabaster House
H2G2 Municipal Park (The Bruce Gate)
The H2G2 Observatory
Spaces center
Big C Space Station
The Space Shopping Station (Mixed Nuts')
H2G2 Shop
Aroma Cafe
Italian Restaurant - Trattoria Peta (Mama Peta's Restaurant)
Crossed Purposes Pub (Village de la Vavoom Pub)
Chimes Cider Bar
Frink's Drinks
Forum and Firkin (pub)
University of Life
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Douglas Adams' message (welcome and thank you)
Douglas Adams' Official Site

Don't Panic FAQ
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The Universe
The H2G2 Post
University of Life


job vacancies (H2G2 positions)


The H2G2 Team (Staff)
Douglas Adams' message (welcome and thank you)
Deputy Editor: Anna
Assistant Editor: Sam
Assistant Editor: Ashley
Deputy Community Editor: Abi
Community Editor: Peta
Alabaster House


Welcome message
Douglas Adams' message (welcome and thank you)
How to use H2G2 (under Everything)
Entry Writing Guidelines
H2G2 Graphics Archive
GuideML Clinic
Guardian Angels
dating (HEAVEN SENT - H2G2 Dating Agency)
Counselling (by KimotoCat)
Community Events (IRL)
Missing Persons
Find out where researchers are from/living
Ask the Community
How do I... ?


The Polyglot Plaza (language forum)
German speakers' page (Bolle's Berliner Buletten Bude)
GerManiaConnection - What's What
Altavista Online Translator (aka The Babelfish)


Eventually, the Embassy may be situated within the Alabaster
House, and may possibly even have a new page with its own
user name. Plans are still in the works.
~Lady K~

Concept (Blueprints: 1st stage)

(taken from: The Babel Project - Blueprint pages)


The Terran Embassy - where people can come to get translators, tourist info, representation, help in their own language, or to get help in finding such help within the community of H2G2.


Project Babel - an instructional workshop center affiliated with the embassy where people can come to receive help in the Guide's official languages, as well as other language(s) in which instruction is currently available.

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Infinite Improbability Drive

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