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Countess Marguerite

I am very fond of this drink, though a bad café is horrid, truely discusting. In Valencia, where I am, you can get coffee where ever you go, which makes lots of places I wouldn´t otherwise be drawn to seem particularly inviting.
Take El Bar Europa (bar is the word they use for cafe, cafeteria, or general eating and drinking place that can´t be qualified as a restuarnt) for example: it is tiny, dingy, smelly, and plays Hindi musicals on the televisions. This is not the kind of place I usually frequent, but there´s just something about it, and that something is the coffee.
The coffee is, like all other Spanish coffee, expresso, and it is very good expresso at that. The morning is the perfect time to have the calm café con leche, which is the first time I was introduced to the lovely drink.
We had a break from school on my first day, and my new Spanish friends brought me to this bar just down the street from school. I was grumpy and experiencing quite a culture shok. Seeming to sence this, one of the girls ordered me a café con leche, and for that reason I became human again and my new friends didn´t abandon me.
From that point on I decided that the grubbier and stranger a bar is, the better (and cheaper) coffee it will have. In four months I have not been proved wrong once.

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