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The Frood (Stop Torture: A455528)

'Tomar' is another word for drinking. It has three meanings: to take, to drink, and to take (as in classes).

Also, unless Spaniards pronounce leche differently, I think the ending is not 'chi' (but 'che.')

Oh! And a small joke smiley - smiley What was the only type of coffee the spaniard could drink in France?

)elO( tiaL uA efaC


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Right and good joke!

But still, I would distinguish tomar from bebir, in the sense of 'having a beer' and 'drinking a beer', which is in its fact totally the same, though. smiley - winkeye
Well, the phonetics have been added in the sub-editing process, which I apreciate. Poeple won't listen to the 2nd part of leche, because they already got your order and are off to prepare your stuff.

All very well, but.....

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.....the fact that coffee is Spain is about twice as expensive as beer means that for most people the closest they get to actually drinking the stuff is at 7.30 am on their way home!

It's a f***ed up country when you can go out all night drinking for about £20 and a tin of tuna costs £3.50!

All very well, but.....

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Thank you for your contribution!
But let me say this: I don't see, in how far the beer and coffee prices are a fair comparison. By what quantities???
I wonder where this country has been that bad for you?!
They charge me in the cafeteria of the university for a "con leche" 85ptas, at 'Cafe di Roma' 150ptas, tourist places (in Zaragoza) 250ptas. Hard Rock Cafe Madrid was the most expensive with a good 300ptas. According to the today's ratio a £ buys you 288ptas.
Neither beer prices don't give me reason to complain about: downtown the city where I live with another 600 000 inhabitants, the most expensive pint (of Guiness) costs you about 500 ptas, or 1.60£. Regular beer you get as half pint for about 200ptas here, which makes it the incredible ruining equivalent of about 70pence!
This'll make your indicated 20£ last for about 15 pints. Good man!

And in supermarkets they sell a three-packed tins of tuna for less than 200ptas.

So, what are you precisely talking about?

What, precisely, am I talking about..?

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Nowt really !!

Just an observation.

I LOVE Spain!

Except the rain, which falls mainly on the plain.

Handy coz I spent all my time on the beach or in a bar.....


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You're right, it ends in 'che'!! smiley - smiley The joke is very good!! XD I didn't get it at first, but I got it later!! XD

smiley - tea au lait!! XD

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