A Conversation for Female Masturbation

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daraline, keeper of unusual rats and deranged hamsters

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sometimes avoidance of the area works wonders. don't let your partner(s) clit dive immeadiately. lots of body massage, kissing and nibbling before going anywhere near there helps. the tease effect basicallysmiley - wow.

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Body chocolate - fun, tasty, and surprisingly sexy!

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Fragilis - h2g2 Cured My Tabular Obsession

It's a shame the Editors feel it necessary to move this topic due. I agree it may be more appropriate to segregate adult content. However, the original post *was* placed in the related entry. And because it is not a heavily trafficked area, it got no response.

In any case, the mission has been accomplished. There have been some comments in the original thread, and some here. I've just posted a link to here for the original questioner, opti.

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Opticalillusion- media mynx life would be boring without hiccups

Thanks for moving the thread to 2 places smiley - smiley by the way I am most definitely female smiley - smiley

The Female Orgasm

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Jagged Jack

This is an interesting question and one i would like to add my two penneth to. Most of the replies seem to be from women. Am i to assume there are no men out there who believe they know how to satisfy a Woman? How odd, every man i know regularily boasts to his friends how wonderful he is in bed! Isn't it interesting how we act very differently in female company?

My starting point is this - no two Women are alike. Women, like men, are not a whole. 'Female' describes a set of common biological characteristics, not an homongenous species who think alike, act alike and look alike. If they did, they would be robots and some man in a long white coat with a clipboard could write a manual. We could all go out and buy it. Problem solved! Thankfully that's not true. Life would be really dull and predictable if it were.

My advice to this person would be - take a little time if you can, explore a little, find your way around. A Womans body is full of interesting surprises.There's all sorts of wonderful hidden bits and pieces. Kiss this bit, have a nibble on that bit. It's up to you to find out which ones work and which ones don't.

'The clit is the key people, the clit is the key!'
Please, please, please, don't tell a man that! A man can do a lot of damage with information like that. Give him the impression the clitoris is some kind of magical switch and he'll try flicking it! The cltoris is a complex and sometimes painfully sensitive organ. Just as no two Women are alike, neither are their clitorises. Not only do they differ from Woman to Woman in size, shape and sensitivity, they can differ fom day to day and at different stages of arousal. You can't just go around prodding one, as a shriek of pain may put you off sex for ever. RESPECT the clitoris, that's what i say. There's loads to be done before you get anywhere near it. I reckon - The tongue is the key people, the tongue is the key!

The rest is up to you as Women. I often think it's a tad selfish that some Women expect men to come to them as well rounded lovers. How are we supposed to do that if no one tells us how? If you expect satisfaction from a man - tell him how to give it. Most of us are only too happy to learn. If he doesn't listen, then get rid of him.

I hope this has been of some help to some one, somewhere.

Jagged Jack (Sex therapist and keeper of goats) (Does anyone want to discuss goats with behavioural difficulties?...No, me either)

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And don't forget, every one of them's different...that's what makes life so tricky for us fellas smiley - winkeye

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Would that be the women or the goats dear? smiley - tongueout

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Yes smiley - silly

The Female Orgasm

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Not just the clit itself is in play here, but how slick it is. I blended ylanylang and asmine oils in grapesed oil. That helps.

The Female Orgasm

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ooooooh babay. Tell me where I should be aiming when I have the penetrative sex?????


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The Female Orgasm

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Just browsing... Was looking for a article on the Medieval Romance Tradition, would you believe? Doubt they had a lot to do with female orgasm. Something for the brave to try - get the one who will be doing the titilation to chop a chili pepper before hand. It helps with initial arousal, which, to my mind, is the key...


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The Female Orgasm

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It also depends on the man trying to give you an orgasm, I've been out with a gorgeous man, 6' tall and everyone's ideal catch, and a front row rugby player, stocky, overweight and totally useless at conversation ... who would you think would be utterly c**p ...? which do you think was the one that knew what to do ...? smiley - winkeye

It's just about the chemistry between the two people involved, if you can relax completely with someone then it's more likely to happen, especially if you can talk to him, and tell him what works and what doesn't!!

But, I have to say, diy does come in useful when the man you adore lives a long way away ... By the way, he's not much taller than me, Northern with a wicked sense of humour and a gorgeous voice ...smiley - winkeyesmiley - blush


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