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Driving Etiquette - Norway

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The Norwegian driver likes to think they are a skilled driver. This is far from the truth. Broadly, there are only two kinds of Norwegian drivers: those who are making a mobile phone call and those who are waiting for one.

While driving in Norway, you'll see a lot of road works. Nothing is being repaired, more than likely the Norwegians are constructing two of their favourite things - holes and tunnels. In more densely populated areas like Oslo, the road works never stop. This is of course common in all cities, but Oslo is unique in the fact the holes in the ground are passed on from genration to generation. This spoils most of the inner city of Oslo and it's advisable to upgrade your suspension before attempting to drive through the city.

Not all of Norway's motor mayhem is man-made. Mother Nature has placed a few spanners in the works. For example, do not attempt to drive on the day of the first snow, it's carnage.

Sheep and reindeer are omnipresent. You can always find them where the hot air exits from the mouth of the, largely unfinished, tunnels. They're in the shadows, waiting for ususpecting foreign drivers. Try not to run them over, they cost an awful lot of money and you'll be scraping wool from your bumper for weeks. While you're at it, try not to drive into any elks, they're awfully big and they'll cost you your life.

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