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Driving in Perth

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Red (and a bit grey) Dog

Dont forget the dogged determination of most Western Australia drivers to stay in the lane of their choice at all costs. This is persisted in even if they end up doing exactly the same speed as the car in the next lane thus blocking traffic for mile after mile after mile.

Lane discipline = never changing lane under any circumstances in "Wait Awhile"

Driving in Perth

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That's not the best of lane discipline in Perth.

Commuters drive in the eternal hope that "their" lane will have been extended miraculously overnight to carry them to their own special destination without having to wear out their indicators. You know; the things that make the clickity-clack sound accompanied sometimes by an annoying flashing green light near the radio.

They live in constant disbelief that the signs telling them to merge left or right because their lane is about to end, has been left standing in error because their lane must lead them to their destination!

Oh the shock; the horror. For the 527th time in a row, the construction crews have failed to perform an overnight miracle and the commuter is wedged; usually stationary at the end of the lane, causing a tail-back of several kilometres in their lane.

It's at this point where they resort to the indicator; because they're optimistic about being able to merge with tailgating traffic moving some 50 to 60 kmh faster. Sooner or later; usually later, the adjacent lane also comes to a crawl whereupon, amidst a gnashing of metal and plastic, merging is begrudgingly made possible.

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