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Parking in Perth & Environs

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New owners of faux-wheel-drive and vans are required to park their vehicles on the verge as close as possible to an intersection. In a car park, each row is required to have at least one van or faux-wheel-drive parked at the end.

Positioning vehicles in such a way ensures that all passing drivers pay due regard to the new owner's investment of $40,000 or more.
Special requirements apply to courier vans which must be double-parked where standing or parallel parking is permitted, or parked across a minimum of 3 bays in other locations. Furthermore, it is required that the couriers park in such a way that they have to either run across moving traffic, or so that the trolley they need to deliver or pick up, has to be placed on the traffic side of the van.

Vehicles fitted with audible reversing devices mean that the driver is not required to check mirrors or windows and can listen for any obstructions as they bend out of the way.

All vehicles in driveways are required to be parked so that the driver must reverse into traffic. Long driveways are required to have a turning point near the main road so that vehicles can safely reverse out from between roadside vegetation, into the traffic moving at 110kmh

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Parking in Perth & Environs

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