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Favorite Episodes

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My 20 favorite West Wing episodes (with season) in order of preference-
The Crackpots and These Women (1)
Two Cathedrals (2)
Noël (2)
Shibboleth (2)
Isaac and Ishmael (3)
The Long Goodbye (4)
In Excelsis Deo (1)
2162 Votes (6)
The Supremes (4)
Angel Maintenance (4)
Posse Comitatus (3)
20 Hours in America (4)
Slow News Day (4)
Celestial Navigation (1)
Privateers (4)
Han (5)
Pilot (1)
Shutdown (5)
Institutional Memory (7)
Freedonia (6)

'The Crackpots...' is just funny, and I love the scene at the end. The Pilot Episode preoccupies itself with introducing the characters, but the scene at the end where President Bartlett comes in saying "I am the lord thy god..." is great smiley - biggrin
I'm a sucker for those flashback episodes such as Two Cathedrals and Noel. Those two are probably the most powerful episodes in the entire show.
The Long Goodbye is set in my hometown of Dayton, Ohio, actually. In fact, Allison Janney, who plays CJ Cregg, is from Dayton. In the episode, her dad suffers from Alzheimer's. In reality, Allison Janney's father is a prominent real estate businessman.

Favorite Episodes

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Crackpots might be my favourite too. In fact, I have to agree with a lot of these. I also love the second big block of cheese day episode, but I can't remember what it's called. CJ's reactions in the map scene crack me up.

Interesting that you picked Isaac and Ishmael. I like that episode, but I remember reading that a lot of fans don't.

Favorite Episodes

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I don't remember what that one's called either, but it's got some funny parts too. smiley - smiley "The Crackpots..." is maybe the funniest episode, not only because of the big block of cheese thing but also because of the basketball scene at the opening.

Isaac and Ishmael is quite different. Not only is it outside the continuity, which you're warned at the beginning about, but the characters have slightly different personalities. I think it worked.

If I could add two that I've just thought of as honorable mentions, "The Black Vera Wang" in season 3 and "Somebody's Going to Emergency, Somebody's Going to Jail" (dunno the season, probably 2 or 3) which has my favorite Rob Lowe/Sam Seaborn performance.

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