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McGarry dead.

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Who's going to run Big Block of Cheese day now?

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McGarry dead.

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smiley - wah I can't believe it - when this came up on my convo list I unsubscribed without reading it, from the title I thought it was a spoiler. I came accross the news elsewhere though.

So sad! He was younger than I thought too.

By the way, I just finished watching season 5 - poor Donna!

McGarry dead.

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John Spencer was a good actor.
Without giving away anything, I do wonder how the series will continue to make any kind of sense with Leo gone smiley - sadface I do believe they were still taping episodes.

I apparently have been made to wait until after Christmas to watch 5 (so someone can give me the DVDs - I'm notoriously hard to shop for) but yes, I remember all that with Donna smiley - smiley

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McGarry dead.

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GodBen (The Magical Astronomer) - 00000011

I saw this last night and couldn't quite believe it. I'm only up to the end of the sixth season so I don't know what's happened in the seventh yet, but it does seem hard to think how they'll be able to write him out.

When I first watched the show I didn't like Leo all that much, but he really grew on me as I saw the first few seasons and got to know his back-story. He's now my second favourite character, after Josh, and Spencer truely was an amazing actor.

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