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Awesome Bass Players

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Terry Teadreg

I am aware of the fact that a taste for music can be very individual.
There is, however, one bass player that should be on the list of people that have turned playing the bass into an art.
The man I refer to is Norman Watt Roy of The Blockheads. Any recording by Ian Dury and his Blockheads includes an awesome bassline.
The most famous one is the dazzling line of 16th-notes on Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick. Norman played with an awful lot of other groups as well, such as The Clash, The Specials, Frankie Goes To Holywood etc.

Watching this man play live is a treat to any bassplayer. He slaps and plucks and strokes and hits his ancient Fender to produce the funkiest of sounds from his four strings.

Listen to any Ian Dury song and be amazed!

Awesome Bass Players

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One Extremely Awesome Bass player happens to be Flea from 'The Red Hot Chili Peppers'. He can easily perform the most intricate Slap 'n' Pop riffs throughout the song without any sign of struggle. Unfortunately he didn't do much of this technique after and including 'Blood Sugar Sex Magik', but if you're interested into how Slap 'n' Pop should be played, check out some of his work in previous albums.

Awesome Bass Players

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I am a Latin Percussionist learning to play the bass. I've always known at some time I would pick up the instrument and here I am. Although I have played every form of music from Classical to Rock and everything in between Jazz is definitely my favorite for many reason to numerous to explain here. It's funny how ones recollection of types of music and musicians can often date the person. Having said that I was surprised not to see Larry Graham's name mentioned as one of the Bassists that have made major contributions to the instrument and its use as an artform. Larry Graham is only attributed by anyone familiar the history of the instrument; not all bassists but genius' just the same to be the man who invented the slap/ pop technique. No mention of Stanley Clark, Marcus Miller, Nathan East and who could forget Ron Carter. I must say though anyone who mentions a Jaco is always okay by me.

Just imagine what would this world be like if we still had names like:
Jaco Pastorius, Eddie Hendix, Clarlie Parker, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Stevie Ray Vahn, Marvin Gaye & Bob Marley to give us music today. All these brilliant men in their chosen artforms have blessed us with every note they played. They all will be missed.

Awesome Bass Players

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Eddie Hendrix? Is that a misprint, or someone I dont know about?
Thats not a shot, I'm really asking!

Awesome Bass Players

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Personally, my favorite bass player would have to be Roger Glover of Deep Purple (and a few others). He isnt particularly fast, but he is quick enough to sound great with the melodic bassing that he does.

Awesome Bass Players

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I do Beleive My good Friend Conor is the best Bass player i knowsmiley - cake

Awesome Bass Players

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All most definitely awesome bass players, but top in my book is Level 42's Mark King.

Awesome Bass Players

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What about Les Claypool? I've been playing the bass for over nine years and have always sighted Flea as my biggest influence, predominantly around the Blood Sugar Sex Magic time of his career (what's he playing at now, eh? Where's the downright funk?), but after having found Mr Claypool and Primus, (or any one of his other bands - Sausage, The Flying Frog Squad, C2B3, etc), I can honestly say I've never learnt so much just from watching one man play. Seek him out, it'll do you good.

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