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Jeremy (trying to find his way back to dinner)

Good entry!

One extremely useful thing for anyone who plays a bass is to listen to all kinds of bassists (do not make any difference between tuba, double bass, electric 4-5-6-string bass, fretted/fretless). It's not the instrument, it's the function. Even most classical music has excellent examples of how a bass should work.

Above all: Try to be indispensable! The bass is the soul of any music. YOU (the bassist) decide whether the people start to dance or continue to stand still. Most musicians I have played with have told me that it's the bass they listen to. When the sea starts to get rough (esp. in improvised music), you may have to be a musical lighthouse for the other players (otherwise the might not find their way back).

keep on doing it!


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King Louis XI

Here is another hint: Try power chords (But only on the A, D, and G string, it dosen't work well with anything below that). If you get a fairly good regular guitar amp, just turn up the tone and distortion and you can play a pretty good verson of "In Bloom" (by Nirvana). For those who do not know what power chords are, a power chord is when you choose a fret (Example: 2nd on the A string), and on the strings that are higher that the string that you chose (D and G), you would go up 2 frets (So it would be 2nd on the A string, 4th on the D string and 4th on the G string).

-Sean Thomson

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