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In my dreams, I have 14 different kind of corvettes, all lined up in a nice neat row....
But the first one I'm going to buy, ya know, when I get rich and famous, is going to be silver. And it's going to be a 1972, convertible Sting Ray with a 454 engine and a standard transmission. And I'm going to cruise around Denver, and drive up in the mountians.

I actually had the chance to buy my dream car. I had 10,000 dollars in the bank the beginning of my freshman year of college. I was going to use it to pay for school. Then I was driving home from work one day and saw my car, the one I had been drooling over since I was 10, for sale at an collectible car dealership.

I ended up using the money for school. It seemed like the better idea at the time. Besides, what does an 18 year old punk know about taking car of a car like that? But now, oh now, I would take that car over a semester of school anytime!


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The Fallen Angel (bloke form Altair Prime wishes to meet single female from Achenar 6d apply within)

I wouldnt mind a Lotus Elan S2 they just look so nice (and theyre British and so am I) i would get the standard 1990 moddel but fit it with a minidic player and some serious wattage speakers but im only just 17 so i dont have my license yet (DOH!) i would try and outrun the speed cameras on the A16 (the local speedway for all the young people) illigal of course but who cares? and it would be a SERIOUS babe puller! Oh and I would also like an Intrepid class starship (like voyager) i aint a full blown trekkie i just think that Voyager is smart. also an armageddon class dreadnought (from the colony wars series) i could do some serious planitary damage with that. but im not into violence. what kind of transport does Altair 3 have?


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My favorite British(I'm not by the way) car has to be the Mini Cooper S. 135 engine, four block, twin turbochargers and a top speed of nearly 150 mph all within 12 ft of car. I drool for the day....

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