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Hi. My name is Fallen angel and I have joined this site in order to pass on information that I have aquired throughout my 8 years on this planet. However this is an introdution right? So let me tell you about my self. I have occupied human form since I accidently crashed in this system. I am what you would call an alien. My home system is the Altair star. It is a 16 planet solar system planets 5 and 6 are inhabited and able to support life. The two planets form a double system together and they orbit around each other. the View from both planets is astounding being 100 times bigger than the moon seen from Earth.
The fifth planet, Altair Prime, is a jungle planet 50% of which is covered in water. The atmosphere is much like Earths except for its very high humidity. Altair shines twice as bright as the sun shines on Earth and the temperature is a scortching 40 degrees celcius at midday. There is a huge variety of life but like you our species is the highest.
Planet 6 is an Ocean planet called planet Aquarae. Only 4% of the surface is covered in land. The Aquarae civilisation occupy most of the ocean. They are what you could call our sister race evolving simletaniously with us. When our Civilisations discovered radio waves about 2000 of your years ago we descovered the Aquarae and the race to the stars begun. For 50 years the Altarians and the Aquarae built spaceships to be the first race to dominate the stars but eventualy we won. After that the Aquarae got jellous and war broke out between or species. After centuries of fighting we finaly realised that war was pointless and we called a truce. From then on we explored our system until 100 years ago we descovered the ultimate secret, how to travel to the stars. As we explored we heard radio cries from your world erupt into space. When our government investigated we saw that you were still just immature teenagers. They won't make contact with you until you have sorted out your differances the sooner you do the sooner you get the holy grail of interstelar flight.
My opinion is much more different sure this planet has its problems but they will be sorted out in time. On this world several people have been my guide. Two peolpe are on this site (they are the reason why Im talking to you) their names are destiny and the apple master they guided me and I am confident that if any non human races contact this site they will be overjoyed by the writings on this site.
As I have been here I have gotten opinions on your forms of entertainment. TV is the most profound and your science fiction programs are enjoyed by my civilisation (unfortunatly it is 16 years behind and this doesnt do for someone wating to watch the new episodes of Buffy the Vampire slayer). I particularly like the Farscape series and the Star wars films are good to (they Dont portray all aliens as evil) and Daleks are more real than you think! also the Machine you call "Playstation" is very ammusing to. The Colony wars series being very good and when I played Fanal Fantasy 7 it just blew all competition off the map. Any way this is a long enough intro got to go threw it and get all the mistakes out.
live long and prosper
and there is life on Europa

Fallen Angel.


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The Fallen Angel (bloke form Altair Prime wishes to meet single female from Achenar 6d apply within)

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