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Unfortunately due to my luck of choosing a flawed human form. Several Problems arise. One being that my heart was not perfectly formed and due to la lack of research one of my pulmonary valves was partially blocked. And I had a hole in my heart. Naturally your doctors found out about this and booked me for an operation. Three days ago I had this operation and it isn't a nice experience. My advice on surviving hospital is not to worry. If you're in for an operation and your scared opt for a pre-med this is just a powerful drug to make you high and without a care in the world so when you go down for the anaesthetic you aren't worried. After the operation you will probably wake up in intensive care. You will find that undesirable pipes and tubes are coming from every Orifice and you will want to remove these pipes ASAP. One of these is the chest drain :-(. Three pipes that drain excess fluids from your chest cavity and having them removed is not a nice experience needless to sat that I KOed myself with the morphine pain relief and then there is the waiting. After your stay on intensive care you are moved to a ward to fester for a couple of days until they decide to remove your stitches and let you go home. At this point boredom takes on a new meaning so before you go in make sure you have something to keep you occupied. So after all this my advice is take plenty of entertainment and only use the morphine in dire situations. :-)

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