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The jolly mindsurfer

I have to agree with the view that the SLK is the perfect car. I've had mine for a little over 3 years now, and I love it more each day. You can cruise through town on a Friday afternoon, and just feel the stress of the working week evaporate into the cool blue sky above. A comfortable sports car, it doesn't intimidate at high speeds, but remains poised even at very high cornering speed. And when you reach the limit, even the break-away is smooth, progressive, and easily corrected without sudden snap-out's and arm-twisters. The big bonus is of course, the roof. It's a beautiful day, press the button and my sports coupe is a roadster. It's getting a bit colder, hey, press it again and a symphony of electric motors, hydraulic pumps and gears perform a 25 second encore which encloses you in Germany's finest steel with a click worthy of a Leica. This isn't just driving from one place to another. This is the act of motoring.


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While I agree with you about the build quality of this car the driving of it was another matter.the seats gave me back ache the interior is cramped and clustrophobic,performance is on par with a 300D estate and about as exciting!.
This is not a drivers car and I would not grace it with the title of perfect sportscar.
I was glad to hand the SLK back at the end of the day,however if it makes you happy then so be it.On the brighter side if you have a family and need something bigger the 300D estate will feel great,just as fast and sporty with bags more room....this is possibly the perfect sportscar!smiley - winkeye

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