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Land Rover

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NO, not a shiny Discovery or Freelander, my baby is a Series III Land Rover. After years of uniformily functional company cars my return to full-time education meant getting my own vehicle. I listed my priorities,
fuel comsumption
purchase price
low maintainence
But then I bought a Landy, 20mpg, almost daily repairs/top-ups of various liquids, cold and wet inside and out (its a sort of primitive climate control, you now what to expect when you get out of it).
Now heres the rub, thier infectous, I wouldnt swap it for anything, its fun to drive, you have to get to know its moods and temperments. In the summer (those few days between the end of July and begining of August) a few minutes with a spanner and you can take the whole roof off, if you wish the windscren as well. This car has given me more fun in 10 months than Ive had in the last twenty odd years of motoring. So the next time you see a Series Land Rover dont imagine its being driven by some rustic living in the past, look carefully at the driver, they will be having the time of thier life!

Land Rover

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Rains - Wondering where time's going and why it's in so much of a hurry!

Yup! smiley - ok

My boyfriend once owned an ex-military Series 3 109" 2.25 petrol soft-top - him and a mate went 50-50 to buy it. He absolutely loved it, and still misses it 2 years after getting rid of it smiley - wah. I have to tear him away from the classified ads in Land Rover magazines as neither of us can afford one at the moment smiley - sadface.

His mate part-ex'd it for a Defender County 90 V8 2 years ago, which sounded *gorgeous*, but he still would rather have had the Series 3. And then his mate needed the money from the 90, leaving them both Land Rover-less.

Vehicles with fun characters, indeed smiley - biggrin.

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