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Quiz Beards

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Dimitri Poophoopen

It is I believe a fact, that any team with a greater than 75% bearded membership will automatically win any quiz in which equally intelligent yet less bearded teams are involved.
In proving this I once grew an experimental beard and won £50 in a quiz bonus round, when despite being drunk I was able to calculate the height of the British Gross national product in 1973 if stacked as pound notes. I got the answer to within 1 km, a feat that my unbearded self would have no hope of achieving.
Any ideas as to the Quiz-beard relationship ?

Quiz Beards

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Does this mean there is only 25% chance of winning if you are hormonaly challenged in the beard department?

Quiz Beards

Post 3

Big Joe (just joe on jupiter)

Surely this means that you have 100% chance of winning if 6 out of 7 of your friends are bearded, and participating.

Quiz Beards

Post 4

Wand'rin star

You don't allow women in your teams ?

Quiz Beards

Post 5

Big Joe (just joe on jupiter)

You don't allow beards on your women??

Quiz Beards

Post 6

I'm not really here

only Italian women can grow beards.
oh yes, and Nuns.

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