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Yep its fantastic but......

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Damon the Demon

Yep went there a couple of years ago for a conference and was blown away by it all. Very attractive place. Great art museum (if you like Virgin Mother holding baby Jesus pictures) but the Botticelli room is amazing as is the statue of David which is located elsewhere. I had great fun watching a group of Japanese tourists trying to take flash photographs in the Botticeli room whilst a large Italian steward attacked them with a broom shouting "NO FLASHO".

Pickpockets are rife though. If an old woman comes up to you whilst holding a newspaper open in front of your nose, whilst a gang of small children surround you , BEWARE!!!! the little s**ts will be going through your bumbag/purse. It happened to a mate of mine when we were out there. She was a bit dippy though.

Also got charged 8 quid for an ice cream by a con artist/ice cream vendor. Eating out was very expensive though. The final conference dinner was interesting though as it was a five course Florentine meal consisting of various local specialities such as shredded cows stomach and very raw slices of beef (I think a cow had walked past an open fire, singed its hair slightly, before it was then set upon by chefs who hacked it up and served to us).

I went in August which was verrryyyyyyy hot. The evenings were also spent cowering in fear in bed as mosquitoes the size of sparrows buzzed overhead so if you go then, take repellent. Also if you are an attractive woman prepare to be attcked by young guys on mopeds zipping around you with roses in their teeth shouting "Ciao Bella". (but I guess that occurs everywhere in Italy).

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Yep its fantastic but......

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