A Conversation for Florence, Italy

A funny conversation in Florence

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On a school organized trip to Italy, Greece and Turkey this conversation was had by my friends Evelyn and David in Sienna, actually, but really has more to do with Florence. We visited the Academia Gallery featuring Michelango's David not too long before this:

EVELYN: (observing a flag featuring the crotch of Michelangelo's David) "How come everywhere I go I see David's penis?"
DAVID: (looking down) "WHAT?!"

Anyways. Florence really is a beautiful city. Personally I enjoyed climbing the bell tower near the Duomo and seeing the city from above. Its about 400 and something steps but if you've ever climbed the CN tower, as I have, it won't seem that much of a hike. But the view is beautiful.

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A funny conversation in Florence

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