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How Heavy Metal Got it's name...

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I thought it would be helpful to note that the genre "Heavy Metal" was named after a lyric from the Stepen Wolf Song "Born To Be Wild". Specifically the line states: "I Like Smoking Lightning, Heavy Metal Thunder."

Though I am not sure who actually dubbed the genre in this fashion, I did learn this tibit from a radio DJ, and we all know that if you hear it on the radio then it must be true

How Heavy Metal Got it's name...

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I thought Lester Bangs named heavy metal.

How Heavy Metal Got it's name...

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Yeah - didn't he say something like "...what's this racket? It just sounds like a load of old heavy metal..."? I forget which band he was refering to.

How Heavy Metal Got it's name...

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And I'd hitherto thought it was because, if you breathe in the fumes, Heavy Metal music caused similar symptoms to other heavy metal poisonings?

Well, consider me educated, but suffice to say I'd not advise huffing at speakers next time Iron Maiden is in town, aye?

How Heavy Metal Got it's name...

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Just Bob aka Robert Thompson, plugging my film blog cinemainferno-blog.blogspot.co.uk

My understanding was that a music journalist had written of Jimi Hendrix: "His music is like heavy metal crashing to the ground." Annoyingly, I came to this Guide entry to find out who.

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