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Children of Bodom and In Flames

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I wanted to start a conversation about my two favorite bands, Children of Bodom and In Flames. Converse away!

Children of Bodom and In Flames

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Hiya, i am Zendevil Terri, you will be more than welcome to start convos about heavy metal or just about anything else BUT first you need to put something, anything, on your personal space, or nobody can actually come and say anything to you unless they reply to one of your postings.

It is maybe all a bit confusing at first, dunno how much you know about computer stuff, you may be Bill gates in disguise for all i know!

(If so, i have some questions for you....smiley - evilgrin

Anyway, you can get back to me by clicking on my highlighted name above, or simply clicking reply. I am an ACE, volunteer type person who tries to show "newbies" around.

below are some hints,(just click on it) get back to me if you need any help, or just to say hello.


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Children of Bodom and In Flames

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I'm new at h2g2 so i'm not sure about the rules and stuff so please excuse me if i do something wrong.
I'm here to talk about COB and In FLames as the title would explain.

well? what can i say? they rock!
Although Children of Bodom are higher in my books than In Flames they both deserve just as much respect for their sounds and amazing skill.

Alexi Laiho is, undoubtably, one of the best electric guitarists ever.
His solos in many of the songs are just sick to listen to. Along with the keyboard solos, Children of Bodom sets a whole new calibre to heavy metal music. Its not just the solos which require extreme skill, its how they incorporate it into the overall piece to make it, agressive, brutal, melodic and headbangingly addictive that makes them so good.
Also, Alexi growls like a beast-literally. His growling voice is unlike the others in that even though it is brutal as it is meant to be, lyrics can still be made out and it never goes off pitch. Amazing

My favorite COB song is Everytime I Die. From Follow the Reaper.

In Flames is basically awesome. They use a lot more scream than growl but the sounds though different to COB, are similar in many ways.
Both bands are melodic so that every song is meaningful (you think its just noise and sound) and that though melodic, both are heavy and have enough power to phsyche up even the most demanding fans.
For example in Trigger, In Flames shows their awesome bassist skills by starting off with double taps and fast picking. Then to the chorus their melody sinks in and the clean voice allows us to receive the message of the song and also to sing along.
All of such things add up to metal bands that are one step ahead of the competition and plain awesome to listen to!

my Favorite In FLames song is Cloud Connected. From 14 songs of concious insanity.

comments please. but in the meantime.


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