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LOSING IT - The Thrill and disappointment

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I lost my virginity when I was all of 18, tho' I had informed the world in general that I had lost it almost 2 years prior. It was quite tragic really 'cos after losing it, I wanted to shout out loud that I had done it, that I was now a real Man but cudnt 'cos I had already done that 2 years ago. Also the first time I did it, it was more to lose my virginity than to enjoy the experience...

LOSING IT - The Thrill and disappointment

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Pyrex Muse of Unbreakable Space-age Wonder Glass, Student of Life, Keeper of the Seven Keys of Ventuslor

I just lost mine last year. I kept trying to loose it in school, but when I did finally loose it (to someone I never thought possable) it was perfect. I was 19, and she is my girlfreind of 1 year this month...

LOSING IT - The Thrill and disappointment

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Crazy Man

congratulations mate! smiley - ok...I dunno when I'll lose mine...not anytime soon I imagine...smiley - laugh....

LOSING IT - The Thrill and disappointment

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I once knew a girl who was a virgin every time she wanted to have sex with me. But she was like that with all the guys, even when we took her on camping trips with us.

As far as I can remember, I was never a virgin. I'll have to ask my older brother about that!

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