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i got my first orgasm at the age of 10 years and 5 months, believe it or not. i did not masturbate from then and for the next 9 months or so i used to lie down and rub my penis back and forward on the sofa or bed with my trousers zipped up. would you say that the first orgasm is a signal landmark of the start of male puperty or is it more when spots or pubic hair grow (for me later in life)?

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ViceChancellorGriffin Keeper spelling Mistakes and Goldfish

sene as noone asserd till now i spose i wiil.

the first orgasam is usaly the time when we start masterbating but hay evrone`s diffrent.

as fo basterbating in you trousers i do it .


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Excuse me, but if rubbing yourself on the sofa isnt masturbating, then what is?

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the chickens are coming home to roost bobby bouchea!!!! this is your preacher speaking!!!smiley - winkeye

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I'd had orgasms long before I hit puberty. I don't know if there is a particular first sign that definitively indicates you've started moving towards manhood, but I do know there's something inside you that doctors can recognize. For a few years, we (my siblings and I) were in some sort of experiment, studying development factors related to the cardiovascular system or something like that, and they apparently saw that my older brother had reached puberty long before there were any obvious symptoms.

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