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before puberty you are a caterpillar, which isn't really good looking but isn't really ugly. Then you hit puberty and you turn in to a chryssallis, which are are ugly and could look a lot better, and then you get out of puberty, and become a beautiful butterfly. I am a teenager and i am definettely a chryssallis, so i can say these things.


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Fat Mammoth

crystalists also spend most of their time just sitting around without doing anything, which my parents would probably be very keen to point out.


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Tuarinn Chaplin

that only happens to a few people, most come out as ugly butterflies.


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yes but it's the beauty on the inside that counts - NOT!!!

Only joking - look at how most butterfly collectors try to catch the ugly and unique ones for their collection. The beautiful ones all look the same.


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hmmm. well, i'm slap bang in the middle of this, being an almost 14 year old girl. i seem to be also having a worst deal than all of my mates, seeing as i've had a strange form of mild acne since 11. girls will always think themselves worse off than boys due to the misery of periods, but at least we don't get erections *snigger* and small furry mammels growing under our armpits.

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