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Doner Kebap - The German Perspective

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I just found this site and someone, can't remeber his name, posted a conversation on the subject topic. I think he is very wrong having lived in Germany for 18 years, the Germans prefer Pork rather to Lamb or Beef, thus what can be mistaken as a Doner Kebap is actually a Gyros Pita; Gyros (Greek) as in Gyro, meat grilled on a rotating spit, and Pita or 'Fladen Brot' Flat Bread. The pita bread is much thicker than what us Brits are accustomed to, and Gyros is pork with herbs, grilled on a spit just like Doner (which is lamb) served in a pita bread; served with tomatoe, cucumber, onion and cabbage (all raw) and topped of with Tzatziki; a greek yoghurt (quark) mixed with with onion, garlic, cucumber and onion. This simple mistake in ingredients is similar to mince meat (fruit) and minced meat (Beef)or Sheppards Pie (Lamb) or Cottage Pie (Beef) or even Cumberland Pie.

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Doner Kebap - The German Perspective

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