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Kebab Vocabulary

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On many occasions I've found it beneficial to order in the smattering of Turkish that I possess. Living in Germany, I have also picked up some of the necessary vocabulary here. So, here is a little insight into the world of the kebab, Turkish/German stylee:

Döner - this refers to the vertical stick around which the meat revolves in kebab shops.

Shish - literally 'skewer' - the small sticks used on horizontal grills/barbecues to make handling the food easier. Clever, huh?

Iskender - not normally found in take aways, more of a sit-down meal - döner meat is sliced and placed on top of Turkish bread. A tomato sauce and yoghurt go on top of this.

Adana kebap - a type of shish kebab, where minced (usually spicy) meat is packed around a flat skewer and grilled.

Köfte - not strictly a type of kebab, but minced meat, grilled or fried with cumin, onions, pepper and coriander.

And, finally:

Dönertier (as it is known in German) - an interesting animal - found in the forests of western Turkey, it is almost cone-shaped, brown and hairless. An interesting trait it has is it had a straight thin tube down its centre which goes from front to rear, which makes it handy to place on the grilling machines sheen in kebab shops nowadays. smiley - smiley

afiyet olsun


Kebab Vocabulary

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Monsignore Pizzafunghi Bosselese

Is it true that the Dönertier doesn't have legs but rather rolls around on its body? Which implies that it's only found in hills because otherwise it would (owing to its conical shape) soon starve to death, unable to find new grass to feed on...

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