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Night Life in Waikiki

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No matter what your tastes, Waikiki really does have something for everyone. With many places staying open until 2 am or even 4 am, it is easy to lose sight of your vacation and sleep the day away.

If you're looking for something with a local flavor, on a budget, or something to start the evening off, try the Mai Tai bar at the summit of the Ala Moana Shopping Mall. This open air bar features a happy hour lasting from 8-11 pm, Monday through Saturday. With drinks ranging from $2-4, you definitely get your money's worth. Just be careful when standing up after sitting in those comfy chairs for a while. The bar also features live music on a very regular basis. Dress code is minimal here, to fit in just wear your sandals and an aloha shirt.

If you're strolling along the beach and you feel like getting a bite to eat, a quick drink or partying it up with other tourists, head into Duke's. Featuring an outdoor seating area that sits directly on the beach, you can enter from the beach side and receive service. Again, standard hawaiian dress is not only accepted, but the norm in this location. Duke's prices are more standard for the area, but it's a very popular place, with good food and good drinks.

This is really only a starter, as I cannot remember locations and names of many other places at the moment, but this is more than enough to get a person started.

Night Life in Waikiki

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Technically, the Ala Moana shopping center is not in Waikiki.

All you have to do to find a club in Waikiki is walk along the road that parallels the beach, Kalakaua. You'll pass Duke's, Moose McGilicutty's, Wave Waikiki, and more. If you haven't found anything to suit you there, then make a makai (opposite of mauka, it means "downhill" or "beachwards") turn on Lewers. There are several clubs on that little stretch of road.

Night Life in Waikiki

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Blatherskite the Mugwump - Bandwidth Bandit

BTW... I saw your user page, and thought you might be interested to know that I researched the Oahu article while homeported out of Pearl Harbor.

Military types on H2G2 hang out at the Barracks, if you're interested: A572799

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