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New Brighton, Merseyside, UK

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New Brighton is a small seaside resort on the Wirral, just overlooking Liverpool bay, Merseyside, England. 30 years ago it was a major attraction with a fairground, swimming pool, and thousands of visitors every summer. Sadly, not anymore.

New Brighton is a very melancholic place these days. It's quite barren since the swimming pool was destroyed in floods several years back and all the entertainment has been closed down or gone elsewhere. The once thousands of visitors every year has become closer to 80 - 90 milling around the front. The main amusements are an arcade (which is mainly filled with gambling machines and people who have unhealthy addictions to gambling machines), a bowling alley and several bars which fill out at weekends but are sparse at other times.

However there is hope for the area. The Wirral Show is still successfully run here every two years, and for two glorious days a year New Brighton relives the glory days of entertainment and masses of visitors. A grant from the EU (rumoured to be in the six-figure mould) is meant to be rebuilding the area as a modern day rival for Blackpool with a huge 'Ocean Dome' swimming pool set to be the main attraction. However this is all just speculation for the moment.

The area itself could be considered to be a beautiful area of natural landscapes, with hills and grassy areas (mainly taken over by golf courses) and a promenade which begins a walk along the whole coast line of the Wirral. Sunsets and sunrises are both equally beautiful and on sunny days it is a relaxing and pleasant area to walk around. However, the eery stillness of New Brighton makes it more akin to a ghost town for the majority of the year.

Despite the lack of tourism anymore there is still a surprising amount of Hotels, although these are mainly used for their bars and function rooms, and centrally located Public Transportation making it easy to get to, and to leave. Several nice pubs are dotted around, but there's little else. The rumoured development should rebuild the resort into the biggest tourist area the north west of England has, but for now there's only shadows waiting for the vitally important cash funds to get the ball rolling.

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